Vizag Disneyland - When is it coming ?

According to the insiders a proposal is underway to set up first Disney Land in India and they are Visakhapatnam is the most preferred location. People across the world prefer Disney Land and Universal Studios as the most favored tourist attractions.

Both are yet to set up mega theme parks in India and Disney Land which is planning to enter India selected Visakhapatnam. It needs more than 2000 acres land and Government is trying to findout the best possible land from where beach view will make it the most beautiful.

AP CM Chandra Babu known to have the best business acumen asked his officials to offer the best incentives to attract Disney Land. If Disney Land comes in Vizag, this will be the 6th destination after Disney Lands in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris and Honk Kong. Disney land Shanghai is under construction and to be opened in 2016.

Questions in Vizagites minds?
Why is Chandrababu naidu not pushing hard on Disneyland proposal?
Is Ramoji Rao stopping  babu as RFC business gets effected?

If the world leading amusement park comes to Vizag the economic status and the eco system of Vizag grows by leaps and bounds.

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